Protect your Biggest Investment with a Smart One!


House ExteriorGet to know your home inside and out! The exterior condition of your home is in some ways more important than the interior. All the exterior components and systems are designed to protect you and the building from the elements. Think about our Canadian climate, extremely hot summers, and icy cold winters. Our houses take a beating from the weather in this country.

We owe it to our homes to take interest in their condition and perform routine maintenance.

  • Seal holes or openings in soffits and walls where rodents or any vermin can enter.
  • Caulk around doors and windows. It’s worth the money to hire a professional contractor to do this! They use quality materials and know the proper areas to seal.
  • To help prevent leaks and dampness, ensure the ground is sloped away from the exterior walls of your house and is not too high around basement windows.
  • Trim tree branches and bushes away from the roof, eaves, and exterior walls.
  • Make sure walkways are slightly sloped from drainage and free from tripping hazards.
  • Contact a professional to trim any tree branches from around electrical service wires or equipment.
  • Make sure exhaust vents are properly secured and sealed with caulking.
  • Remove any lint build-up from inside the clothes dryer vent and duct; outside and at the dryer.
  • Clean sand and grit from the patio door track. This will help prevent premature wear of the rollers and track.
  • Most doors and windows have small holes called weepers to drain condensation and rain water to the exterior. They are located at the bottom tracks of sliding doors and windows, and some hinged doors. They are often overlooked when cleaning and become plugged. This can result in interior leaks, wood rot and mold. The weepers should be cleaned twice a year.
  • Protect all wood surfaces with paint or stain. Seal the joints on the top surfaces leaving the undersides open, that way if water does get behind the wood, it can drain out the bottom. The best advice we can give is only used the best exterior paint or stain money can buy. “You get what you pay for”!!!
  • Try to limit the use of salt on walkways and driveways during winter. Salt can damage brick and concrete surfaces and it isn’t environmentally friendly. Calcium Chloride based products or plain sand is better choice!