Protect your Biggest Investment with a Smart One!

New Home Warranty

Take a moment to consider the number of tradesmen and sub-contractors that have worked on a new home. Footing and foundation contractors, masons, framing carpenters, plumbers, electricians, roofers…you get the picture.


Having your new home inspected can be an advantage when selling. To a potential buyer, knowing the house was inspected and then repaired by the builder for warranty purposes can give them peace of mind.

Now, think of how quickly the houses are built, multiplied by the number of trades working under very tight budgets and deadlines all monitored by one, maybe two supervisors. The potential for errors, deficiencies, and defects is enormous!

Detailed Listing Of Defects And Items Requiring Repair


A Hilain Home Inspection, before your new home warranty expires, provides you with a detailed listing of defects and items requiring repair. Having the repairs done now, at the builder’s expense, means they will not be your responsibility should they become critical or should you decide to sell. Chances are the home inspector hired by a potential buyer will find them too!