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Recall Check

Since 1974, North American citizens have been protected from dangerous items in their homes by federal law. Congress prescribed a system whereby if a manufacturer designed a dangerous product, they MUST recall all those items and FIX THEM FOR FREE!

The problem in the law is that most often it's up to the consumer, to find out whether appliances are potential fire or safety hazards!

There is a database designed and managed by the government, but you would have to wade through 195 MILLION recalled items to find out if a dishwasher or air conditioner is a hazard.

How the Process Works

Recall CheckOur inspector collects data from each of the appliances in the home; this includes the heating and cooling systems. The information is then loaded up to a database where a search is performed. A detailed report is then emailed to our client within 48hrs whether there’re any recalls or not. If the report indicates a possible recall match, then all of the information to have it repaired by the manufacturer is provided. Additionally, each appliance will be monitored on a monthly basis for future reference. Each month our clients receive an email titled “recalltrak” that will indicate any new recalls as well as valuable safety tips around the home.