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RoofingMost people fear a roof leak over any other type, and for good reason; it’s the first line of defense for keeping water out of the house. Roof leaks are most common around valleys, vents, plumbing collars, chimney and wall flashings, worn shingles, exposed nail heads, and over exterior walls. In most cases leaks can been prevented by performing routine maintenance, unless the roof covering has aged and is ready to be replaced. Proper maintenance of your roof will ensure you get the maximum performance from the covering.

Here are some tips:

  • Patch and seal any holes, cracks or lifting shingles in and around valleys.
  • Make sure all flashings and nails are secure and sealed with roof type caulking.
  • Plumbing collars should be adjusted so they lay completely flat.
  • Leaks around chimneys can be very hard to pinpoint so maintenance is crucial. Install a rain and rodent guard on top of the chimney. Also check the condition of the mortar and brick work of the chimney, especially at very top and around the roof flashing.
  • Remove leaves, tree branches and any other debris from roof.
  • Depending on the amount of mature trees around the house, the eaves should be cleaned at least twice a year. If the downspouts discharge below the ground, they should be disconnected while the eaves are being cleaned. This will prevent debris from plugging the drain pipes and causing a leak.
  • Downspouts that discharge onto other surfaces should be connected directly to a lower eaves trough or main downspout. This will prevent any premature wear from the concentrated flow of water in that area.

Note: For your SAFETY, we do not recommend anyone go on a roof or ladder. We suggest you contact a professional contractor to perform any of the above tips or maintenance.