Protect your Biggest Investment with a Smart One!

Saving Electricity

LightbulbMost electrical appliances that use a fan or motor have a filter bag (vacuum, clothes dryer, hairdryer, space heater etc.) Regular cleaning of such filters will ensure they operate at maximum efficiency, and that’s money right back in your pocket!

Tips To Save On Electricity

  • Use a manual carpet and floor sweeper for general clean-up instead of your vacuum. They can be purchased for around $40 and you will get this money back in energy savings in about one year. It’s good exercise too!
  • Change the filters and bags in your vacuum before they become plugged!
  • Hairdryers use a lot of electricity, up to 1500 watts. Because they ‘suck in’ surrounding air, the intake grille can become plugged especially if sticky hair spray is used at the same time it’s blowing. This results in unnecessary power consumption. If your hairdryer shuts down after a few minutes of use, it is usually because the overheat protection (temperature limit switch) has tripped. Once cooled it resets and the dryer can be used again. In some cases this can be a fire hazard. If the intake grille is cleaned regularly this should not occur, and the dryer will always run as efficiently as possible.
  • Clean or replace the kitchen exhaust fan filters regularly.
  • Clean or replace the filters for space heaters. Most of them can be cleaned by vacuuming the filter and intake grille.
  • Clean the dryer lint filter for each load of laundry, and clean the duct and exterior vent at least twice a year.